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Supporting your health naturally at all stages of your life with holistic therapies - Reflexology Norwich

Welcome to Norwich Therapies for Health, where you can explore the wide range of natural health and wellbeing treatments that I offer.
I am a reflexologist, shiatsu practitioner and hypnotherapist and I practice therapies at the new and lovely treat-norwich Complementary Healthcare Clinic which is situated on the ground floor at Capitol House in Heigham Street, which is near to the city centre and there is car parking within a few minutes walk. If you haven't discovered it already treat-norwich is well worth a visit. if you are looking for reflexology in Norwich to improve your wellbeing, pregnancy reflexology fertility reflexology or hypnotherapy in Norwich you have come to the right place. My therapy room is a calm space where you can relax and revitalise .

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Reflexology Norwich

As a complementary therapist for more than 25 years and reflexologist for 16 years, I am highly qualified and experienced and I offer:

  • Reflexology
  • Reflexology for fertility support
  • Reflexology for pregnancy
  • Shiatsu which is also suitable for support with fertility and for pregnancy.
  • Reflexology and shiatsu for menopause support
  • Reflexology and Shiatsu for stress management
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Fertile Body Method Fertility support (hypnotherapy)
  • Taichi qigong classes are available at other venues.

    A short consultation is included in your first appointment so that we can discuss your individual needs and I can plan your care holistically, creating an effective programme for you, using one particular therapy or a combination of therapeutic practices. I’m happy to answer any of your questions before, during or after the practice, to put your mind and body completely at ease.

    If you would like any of the following:
  • to relieve stress
  • to promote restful sleep
  • to increase your energy levels
  • fertility support
  • pregnancy care and labour preparation
  • to enjoy a deep relaxation

    then you could benefit from reflexology, hypnotherapy or shiatsu.
    If you are planning a natural birth or would like support for your conception journey then you may find that reflexology and shiatsu can be particularly helpful. Pregnancy massage is also available.

    Whether you want to ease symptoms of stress, anxiety and tension, or simply a nurturing hour of bliss where you can chill out in peace, you’ll find the treatment you need here. Your therapeutic complementary therapy treatment will take place in the calm, relaxing ambiance of Treat.
    All of the complementary therapy treatments assist in your process of taking charge of your own health, and being proactive in maintaining a state of wellbeing. They all help you to achieve a calm mind and relaxed body which are both so important for you in your everyday life.

    If you have any questions, please get in touch, leaving me your phone number and email so that I can contact you.

    Take your first step toward better health and wellbeing. Book your treatment or contact me for more information today.

  • Client Testimonials

    Jackie T. Review on Shiatsu Norwich
    I had shiatsu with Jane for a back problem and it helped enormously. She is a fantastic therapist with a lovely manner. I would definitely recommend her for all muscle and joint related issues.

    Karen R. Review on Shiatsu Norwich and Reflexology Norwich
    Jane's Shiatsu and Reflexology Treatments are wonderful! I would thoroughly recommend them. You don't even need anything to be wrong with you to find them beneficial. They just leave you feeling so relaxed and at peace with the world. Karen X

    Yoga and Qigong holiday

    Why not join us for a relaxing break in Agistri this year?

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    Yoga and Taichi Qigong Holiday

    The 2017 Yoga and Taichi Qigong has been finalised and the details are below. We are going on 29th April and returning on the 5th May. Please contact me for further details.
    This year's holiday received excellent reviews - you can see some of these on Norwich Therapies for Health Facebook page.

    I have included one below from Sandra J.

    Having recently retired from too many years working for local government social care I was in need of some R & R and a week on a Greek island with Qi gong and yoga seemed ideal.
    I have no knowledge of Qi gong but have practiced yoga for many years.
    My introduction by Jane to Qi gong was amazing and I would consider taking this up in the future. I also had a wonderful reflexology session with Jane with her gentle touch and with only the sound of the sea and a warm breeze to accompany me left me completely chilled.
    Rosy's Little Village is a truly calm and relaxing retreat with great staff in a perfect location.
    Jane and Lynne our yoga teacher provided us all with the opportunity to partake in therapies and workshops as we wished and were generous with their time and considerate of our individual needs.
    Thank you so much

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    The view at Rosy's

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    Blog entry

    23rd March Fertility and pregnancy with reflexology and shiatsu.

    There are many factors which affect fertility and one of these is your BMI (body mass index, which is the ratio of your weight to your height). This may not be something you have previously considered as important, but when you have already taken the positive step to reduce stress levels and balance by coming for reflexology or shiatsu treatments to help promote your fertility, it is useful for you to know what you can do for yourself to improve your chances of achieving your dream of becoming pregnant and having your baby.

    Being over or underweight for a woman means that the hormones controlling your menstrual cycle will be affected and this may affect whether or not you ovulate. For men being over or underweight can have an effect on sperm health and production.
    Research in the Netherlands showed that for every unit above 29, the chances of conceiving fell by 4%.
    In order to be accepted for an IVF programme your BMI needs to be between 19 - 30 or you will not be considered.
    Your BMI has an impact during your pregnancy as if you would like to give birth in an MLBU (midwifery led birthing unit) you will need to have a BMI of 40 or lower on admission at 37 weeks of pregnancy.
    The good news is that you have the ability to improve this aspect of your health, you may want to consult a nutritionist specializing in fertility for further advice.

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    Today you could help yourself to discover what works for you - An Oasis of calm

    Silence is as important as noise
    Music consists of sounds and silences. Without the gaps there wouldn't be a tune. Yet the life we live nowadays so often consists of constant noise, the noise of activity, television, relationships, our thoughts.

    To make more sense of life, to hear the song we are here to sing, we need to create silence, a quiet time of reflection, an occasional oasis of calm where we can review where we have been, where we are now and where we are going.

    It is claimed that much of man's unhappiness arises from his inability to sit in a room on his own. Silence just means being at one with ourselves and to some it can feel rather threatening. But staying with the silence say for five minutes, perhaps starting right now, can help develop the skill. Let your quiet times become a regular part of your daily life.

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