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Blog. Feel Less Stressed 2017


Blog 12th July

Fertility reflexology
If you are planning to start a family there are a few things to which you may like to give some thought.
How well do you sleep? Disturbed sleep can have a detrimental effect on your endocrine system which can affect menstrual cycles and sperm production.
How healthy is your diet? The food you eat is vital to your health and well being and so to your fertility.
Is your exercise good for you? Are you concentrating on muscle building or more gentle activities and do you know that over-exercising may be unhelpful?
Is your water intake adequate? Your body requires sufficient water intake to ensure an adequate blood flow to your endometrium (lining of your uterus), which helps implantation.
Do you drink alcohol or use drugs? I'm sure you know that research shows that these are harmful to your developing baby.
Do you smoke? Acupuncture and hypnotherapy are both treatments that can help you to give up to improve your health.
The good news is that there are lots of things that you can do for yourself to work towards being in an optimal fertile state and if you are having a course of complementary therapy to support your fertility your therapist will be able to discuss these with you.

Reflexology should never be used as a substitute for medical advice so if you are concerned, consult your medical practitioner.

31st May
Reflexology and shiatsu self- help for headaches.

Reflexology is well known for its relaxing effects, and the beneficial affect that it has on nervous tension, insomnia and its promotion of a feeling of wellbeing. However there is more to it than that.

If you have a headache you may find that working on your feet may be able to give you some relief.

Step 1 Drink some water, headaches are often caused by dehydration.

Step 2. If you can sit in a comfortable position and reach your feet you may like to try the following :-
Support your foot with one hand and starting with your little toe, stretch the toe gently and holding your toe near the base joint (where toe and hand connect) rotate the toe in a big slow gentle circle rotate the toe gently 3 times in each direction. (Work with left hand for right toes and vice versa). Repeat with all the toes on that foot and then stretch each toe gently to relieve any tension in your neck. This is a relaxing technique and should feel really nice!

Using a firm but comfortable pressure , use your thumb and finger to stroke firmly from the top of the toe down to the joint, and continue down the foot a little way . (As though you were squeezing a tube of toothpaste)
Using your left thumb on the top of your right foot, run the thumb up in the gap between your big toe and second toe , pressing in gently and you will find a tender point a short way above the joint. This is an acupoint on the Liver meridian which is called Liver 3, and promotes a smooth flow of energy around your body helping to relieve headaches.
Stroke down feet to finish.

Repeat on other foot.

Reflexology should never be used as a substitute for medical advice so if you are concerned, consult your medical practitioner.

23rd March Fertility and pregnancy with reflexology and shiatsu.

There are many factors which affect fertility and one of these is your BMI (body mass index, which is the ratio of your weight to your height). This may not be something you have previously considered as important, but when you have already taken the positive step to reduce stress levels and balance by coming for reflexology or shiatsu treatments to help promote your fertility, it is useful for you to know what you can do for yourself to improve your chances of achieving your dream of becoming pregnant and having your baby.
Ideally you want to aim for a BMI of 23 -25 to aid your optimal fertile state.
Being over or underweight for a woman means that the hormones controlling your menstrual cycle will be affected and this may affect whether or not you ovulate. For men being over or underweight can have an effect on sperm health and production.
Research in the Netherlands showed that for every unit above 29, the chances of conceiving fell by 4%.
In order to be accepted for an IVF programme your BMI needs to be between 19 - 30 or you will not be considered.
Your BMI has an impact during your pregnancy as if you would like to give birth in an MLBU (midwifery led birthing unit) you will need to have a BMI of 40 or lower on admission at 37 weeks of pregnancy.
The good news is that you have the ability to improve this aspect of your health, you may want to consult a nutritionist specializing in fertility for further advice.

12th February Fertility reflexology
It may be important for most of us to re-evaluate our perception of stress. For many people it is normal to work full-time and to commute to work. You may have long hours on the computer and your mobile phone, constant exposure to WiFi, and various electronic gadgetry in your life,and all of these deplete the natural fluid balances and places demands on our already burdened systems. Add to this our external daily pressures, not enough sleep and our fears and worries and you can begin to see how we spend much of our time in a stress response. To conceive and carry a baby through pregnancy this is not an ideal state of affairs. Your body functions best in a 'parasympathetic response state' - that is a state of relaxation. Reflexology and shiatsu can both help to return you to this state of relaxation, relieving stress and leaving you feeling relaxed and calm. They help to restore your body to a state of balance and reduce the effects of stress, which we know has a detrimental effect on fertility. Would you like to try these treatments out for yourself? Many women have found reflexology and shiatsu helpful for supporting their fertility, during pregnancy and their birth preparation and when your baby has arrived helping you to be rested and fully able to enjoy this precious time with your baby.
Please contact me if you would like more information. (Information from The Fertile Fizz by Jani White)

Blog. haramaki

Winter warmers

Winter is the time of the water element in Traditional medicine or TCM. The organs associated with this element are, not surprisingly perhaps, the kidneys and bladder. The kidneys are like the battery of your body. They store energy and they like to be kept warm. Being cold can drain the kidney energy. Just think what happens to your car if the weather is freezing cold when the battery is low - it doesn't have the energy to start the car and goes flat. If you are planning to have fertility reflexology or fertility shiatsu treatments with me or pregnancy reflexology, you are likely to be asked if you have thought of wearing a hara warmer (or harimaki). Kidney energy is essential for fertility, disharmonies may be kidney yang deficiency, kidney yin deficiency and keeping your kidneys warm can help them to store the vital energy and essence that you need for fertility.
Disharmonies usually result from overwork, improper diet, emotional disharmonies, and constitutional factors. One thing that is easy for you to do to help is to keep the kidney area warm with a hara warmer. they are a soft band of jersey type material and you will find that your whole body feels warmer when you wear one, keeping you feeling toastie and warm.

Have you have ever had acupuncture or Shiatsu (a treatment that uses gentle pressure along the acupuncture energy lines so you get the benefits of TCM and no needles!)? If you have then you have experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine known as TCM.
TCM theory includes the 5 elements, each of which are linked to a particular time of year. The Earth element is a stabilizing force at the centre of the elements and is present at a time of transition such as this lovely late summer. When this element is balanced within you, you will feel grounded and content. If it is out of balance you may be worrying excessively, taking on other peoples problems and feel as though you are carrying a heavy weight on your shoulders.
You can take care of your Earth element by nurturing yourself, by positive touch- having a hug, stroking a pet, or having a shiatsu massage. Nurture using food such as soup made from orange vegetables such as sweet potato or pumpkin (if you have an left over after Halloween) with lentils ,bay leaf and ginger root is another easy way to nourish this element and restore its balance.
You could give this recipe a try.

Sweet potato and Lentil Soup

Carrots and sweet potato 450g ( I use one sweet potato and the rest is carrot)
1 medium sized onion
Thyme and sage 1 teaspoon of each
1 Bay leaf
Vegetable stock 750mls
Yeast extract 1 teaspoon
1 large handful red lentils
Ginger root grated 1 teaspoon
Salt and pepper to taste
Chop the veg, melt the butter, add the onion and cook til transparent on low heat, add sweet potato and carrot. Place lid on saucepan and soften for a few minutes to deepen the flavour , then add all other ingredients, bring to boil, reduce heat and simmer, covered for 30 minutes until vegetables are soft.Remove the bayleaf and blend soup with liquidizer until smooth. Reheat to serving temperature and adjust seasoning to taste. Serve with freshly ground black pepper, and a slight dusting of ground cinnamon and nutmeg - use these sparingly.


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