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Complementary Therapist of the year excellence award

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Support during pregnancy

My focus is supporting women’s health. I combine The Fertile Body Method treatment, hypnotherapy and reflexology to support women experiencing issues with fertility, and throughout pregnancy and menopause.

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IF you would like to see a very young client enjoying a reflexology treatment please Click here for Reflexology video
I am a fully qualified and insured complementary therapist offering reflexology, shiatsu, hypnotherapy, and reiki and I have started working at The Barn Beauty Rooms Norwich which is situated at White House Farm, Sprowston. White House Farm is a lovely venue for shopping or visiting the cafe for a coffee and cake. You will always receive a warm friendly welcome when you come for your reflexology or shiatsu treatment and my therapy room is a calm space where you can relax and revitalize.

My focus is supporting women’s health. I combine fertile body treatment, hypnotherapy and reflexology to support women experiencing issues with fertility and to support women through pregnancy and use hypnotherapy to help women manage anxiety in pregnancy and to have a positive birth experience. I also work with all aspects of family health, including children, teenagers, fertility, pregnancy and menopause and elderly and palliative care.

A short consultation is included in your first appointment so that we can discuss your individual needs and plan your care holistically, creating an effective programme for you, using one particular therapy or a combination of therapeutic practices. I’m happy to answer any of your questions before, during or after the practice, to put your mind and body completely at ease. Whether you want to ease symptoms of stress, anxiety, and tension, or simply a nurturing hour of bliss where you can chill out in peace, you’ll find the treatment you need here.

Your therapeutic complementary therapy treatment will take place in the calm, relaxing ambiance of Treat and will help you to take charge of your health, be proactive in maintaining a state of wellbeing and to achieve a calm mind and relaxed body which helps you in your everyday life. I really look forward to meeting you when you decide to take your next step toward better health and wellbeing so call
07712 661020 to book an appointment or fill in the form below and I’ll contact you as soon as possible I offer pregnancy care using hypnotherapy and reflexology to support women during pregnancy/link Fertility Reflexology, Hypnotherapy & the Fertile Body Method can all help reduce stress. Menopause Link Reflexology may help improve mood, release tension and aid sleep. Link Reflexology/Shiatsu should never be used as a substitute for medical advice so if you are concerned, consult your medical practitioner.

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Take care of your health

MANY women wait until they have something 'wrong' with them before they see me, for example, headaches, insomnia, hot flushes, or feeling generally tired, stressed and run down.

They may view a treatment as a last resort, or a 'treat' that's not really necessary.

Ideally I would love clients to come as a matter of course - a bit like how we take our car to the garage for regular servicing - after all, we wouldn't expect it to keep running without top-ups of oil, water, and new tyres.

Our bodies are always striving towards health; reflexology and shiatsu enable you to experience a state of deep relaxation, encouraging the body to rebalance and revitalise. Think how much better your car drives when it's tyres have been rebalanced!

As a trained nurse, I understand we sometimes need medical intervention too, but complementary therapies can help us to help ourselves on our journey to wellness.

If you would like to find out more, contact me on 07712 661020. Jane

Latest reviews

Jane Colman ★★★★★
I absolutely love going to see Jane for Reflexology and today I tried out her new treatment, Hot Stone Reflexology. I have never experienced the degree of relaxation and well being you feel when you have this treatment. I thought the normal reflexology was good but the hot stone is out of this world. I really recommend her and these treatments.

Alex K.
I was wanting to try out reflexology as a non invasive treatment to release some tensions in my body. I knew of Jane however I did ask around for recommendations and her name came up so often that I didn't look any further. Jane is an excellent practitioner, making you feel relaxed and listened to and I always feel like a weight has been lifted of my shoulders (or should I say from under my feet?) after a session with her. I have since recommended her too

★★★★★ Janette BHD.
Jane is an excellent practitioner. I love my reflexology sessions so much and my symptoms have improved immensely. The treatment is relaxing, non-invasive and enjoyable. She also has a great sense of humour and really makes me feel comfortable, relaxed and happy. I would have this every day if humanly possible. Great for the mind, body and soul.

★★★★★ 2nd November. review from Rose McLeod
Jane taught M Technique Practitioner training at Treat Norwich last week. It was an interesting and well-planned course. Jane is a knowledgeable and thoughtful teacher able to adapt her teaching style to suit the students attending. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and highly recommend Jane as the M Technique instructor. Thank you!