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Shiatsu is a holistic treatment of traditional Japanese bodywork which stimulates the body’s natural healing ability by applying gentle pressure to points across the body.

Coughs and colds

Shiatsu is based on traditional Chinese medicine and supports and strengthens the body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself.
It works on the whole person, considering the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of being. Shiatsu may help people with a wide range of health conditions, stress-related problems and preventative health care. Regular treatments can help to alleviate stress and illness and maintain health.

What to expect in a Shiatsu treatment

I will assess your overall state of health and the symptoms that you are experiencing and will use a variety of techniques to improve your energy flow, adapted to your individual needs.

You remain fully clothed and will lie on a comfortable padded futon or massage couch (although it is possible to receive shiatsu sitting on a chair if you are unable to lie down). You will be covered with a sheet or blanket to keep you warm. Treatment consists of comfortable pressure and gentle stretches and rotations to adjust your body, balancing its energy flow. It is a deeply relaxing experience, and should leave you feeling energised and relaxed.

After an initial series of treatments to address specific symptoms, many clients choose to continue receiving regular treatments, typically once a month, as part of their positive approach to maintaining their health and well-being.

Shiatsu is now a popular therapy around the world. The professional Association for Shiatsu in the UK is the Shiatsu Society and members will have the letters MRSS (member of the register of the Shiatsu Society) after their name.

Guidelines for receiving shiatsu

  • Please bring or wear loose comfortable clothing, preferably cotton, eg sweatshirt, tracksuit trousers and cotton socks.
  • Avoid having a heavy meal for 2 hours before treatment
  • Avoid alcohol just before or after treatment
  • If possible avoid strenuous activity immediately after your session.

Jane’s Shiatsu and Reflexology Treatments are wonderful! I would thoroughly recommend them. You don’t even need anything to be wrong with you to find them beneficial. They just leave you feeling so relaxed and at peace with the world.
Karen Redfern

I had shiatsu with Jane for a back problem and it helped enormously. She is a fantastic therapist with a lovely manner. I would definitely recommend her for all muscle and joint related issues.
Jackie T. Norwich

I have had Shiatsu and massage treatments from Jane which have helped me with a lower back problem. My back pain, caused by heavy lifting, was so severe that I was unable to sit. Jane’s expert techniques really helped ease the pain and allowed me to move more freely.
Margaret Ayres

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