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Baby reflexology

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Baby reflexology can be used from 4 weeks onwards so that baby has had all the necessary checks before starting. Babies tend to enjoy having their feet touched in this gentle way and when you learn how to do this yourself.

Baby reflexology:

Is very comforting and soothing for baby
Helps you to bond with your baby
Helps your baby to relax
Can improve sleep
Enables you to do something which can help baby to feel better if they are tired or fractious.

Baby reflexology is always baby led so if baby does not want it done – pulling their feet away for example then that is not the time to do this.
Usually you will find that they will really enjoy it and relax and having a relaxed baby will help you to relax as well.
You can learn how to do this for your baby.

Research by Jenny Lee
Jenny carried out several pilot research studies in conjunction with Oxford Brooks University, tracking the effects Reflexology had on children suffering with Asthma with the approval and support of the children’s GP’s and schools. Following 15 years’ of extensive research in to the effects of regular Reflexology on Childhood Asthma, the main findings recorded were; reduced asthma, relaxation, improved sleep and child/parent bonding.
Click here to find out more about Jenny Lee's research.

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